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Bringing an outsider's views on Zionism, Israel and the Jewish people

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I'm no mainstream - I dare you to join me 

Thank you. It was nice meeting you. I learned a lot from our conversation. - Alan Dershowitz

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I write

Words have power. Even if we only have a 2,5 sec attention span. If you read one sentence from me that made you curious, I've already succeeded. If you've read more, I'm grateful.

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I talk

I have a story to tell. So I tell it. I tell it often and loud. I tell it until at least one person starts questioning his hate towards Zionism, Israel or the Jewish people.

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I work

90% of my clientele are Jewish. This is my Hasbara. If BDS wants to boycott Jews, I choose to work with them. I create authentic branding and social media strategies.


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I listen

Who am I only to preach? If I don't listen, why would I expect you to listen? I learn from you, I crave your stories. This is why I build a COMMUNITY! 


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I'm Hungarian

I'm not Jewish

I'm a Zionist

If I'm a patriotic Hungarian, how could I be anything less than a loud Zionist?

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You’ve so inspired me to seek a deeper understanding of my father and his family’s journey.
Thank you for doing what you do. You’re more than an Almost. - Stacey


Dedicated to change.

My journey did not happen overnight.

Sometimes I am not even sure how it all started. But I know that by wanting to know more, by talking to whomever answered me, visiting Israel for over 16 times in 5 years, by reading, writing, talking and listening to others, I became a better person. That alone makes this often so challenging road worthy. 

And the issue is, there is no way back from here. The more I see and the more I understand, the more I realize how much we still need to do.

This is why I am dedicated to change; a change that won't happen overnight, but it can happen. 

If you want to listen, I'll share my story with you. 
If you want to engage in discussions, I'm here to talk. 

But if you want to hate, then I say: YALLA, BYE! 

My skin got thicker during the last 5 years and my soul got tougher, so no hate can touch me, because I'm standing with what I believe in...based on my own experiences and actual facts, not based on emotional manipulation imposed on me by someone else.

It’s incredible what you’re doing! Greetings from the desert of Judea! עלי והצליחי - Naftali
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If I could change, so can anyone!

All you need is a doze of curiosity and a desire to go behind the BS headlines... 

I just discovered your page — wow, amazing! Thank you so much for this tireless effort. You’ve quickly made it onto my heroes list! - David
You don’t know me but....somehow I’ve recently stumbled on your FB page and have been very impressed with your commitment to justice and spreading light vis-a-vis Jews and Israel. I shared your “rant” today with the Israel director of ZOA” - Naomi